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Farm Fresh healthy Parsley Curly

Parsley Curly

Parsley Curly is specially used in a lot of salads, it is also used in garnishing. Get best and fresh parsley curly herb at best market price only at Oasis Agro Pakistan. Enjoy healthy food Order now

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Farm Fresh healthy Parsley Curly


Ginger garlic extract: A Bio-pesticide for organic cultivation
0 Comments03,Feb,2018

Organic practices avoid investment on costly chemicals Ms. Rajareega at her farm in Sivaganga district, Tamil Nadu seen manufacturing the botanical pesticides. There is a growing body of evidence to suggest that in the past 4-5 decades there has been an excessive dumping of chemical toxins on the soil. As a result the soil has […]

Effect of phosphorus rates on tomato in calcareous soil
0 Comments16,Jan,2018

Phosphorous (P) has a significant role in root growth, fruit and seed development, and plant disease resistance. Currently, no P fertilizer recommendations are available for vegetables grown on calcareous soils in Florida. The objective of a new study was to evaluate the impact of different P rates on leaf tissue P concentration (LTPC), plant growth, […]

Wheat crop yield can be increased by up to 20% using new chemical technology
0 Comments16,Jan,2018

UK scientists have created a synthetic molecule that, when applied to crops, has been shown to increase the size and starch content of wheat grains in the lab by up to 20%. The new plant application, developed by Rothamsted Research and Oxford University, could help solve the issue of increasing food insecurity across the globe. […]